Everyday when you turn on the news, all you see and all you hear are nothing more than disasters, wars, and accidents etc. Have you ever asked yourself - Can we do something to make this world a little bit better? We did and we created this project, and we would like to invite designers and artists to make a contribution with your talent.

Our Mission

"Make today slightly better than yesterday"

We believe that everyone can do something to make this world a little bit better for each other, as a result, we begin to question what can we do as a designer or an artist? Can we build a house for quake victims? Probably not... Can we be involved in urban search and rescue? We might create more problem than solution... So what can we do?

We suggest that we should do what we are good at - We communicate, and we are going to communicate good and heartwarming news through visuals, contents and worldwide web. Share a bit of love and compassion, and make our world slightly better ;-)


We asked you to use a true heart warming story as a content - it might be yours personal experience, or it might be a true story that you heard. With the template that we provided, create a webpage design and we will make it into a live webpage - to share your story with the world and make the world a slightly more cheerful place.

The Process

step 01

Find the right version of Adobe Illustrator template, and download the file. All templates come with instructions.

download template
step 02

Write or find some good content, and brainstorm a good idea, then implement your idea onto the template provided

design your page
step 03

Submit / upload your design (Illustrator file with associate images etc) to us.

upload your design
step 04

We will make your Illustrator design file into HTML and CSS and upload your design to our site.

implement your design

Make a donation and make the world better